Renee Searles is a ukulele and guitar playing songstress.
Having scribed her way through a myriad life adventures and misadventures she has at long last, lay down in the tall silver seagrass, under the mottled misty sky, to marry her beloved ink and strings.
Ethereal, romantic, cheeky and bewitching....accompanied by guitars, ukuleles, double bass and violin, Renee writes sepia tinged songs of love, longing and desire. 
Bringing to the stage a touch of glamour and mystique from a bygone era, her music is timeless...a romantic tapestry of lush melodies, lilting poetry and old -timey blues / folk / country.
Her debut E.P "Lace Wings" launched in early 2010 to a rapturous audience in Mullumbimby, Northern New South Wales, has been well received and features regularly on local radio stations. As winter sets in, Renee is preparing to record her first full length album.

Latest News

Darwin here we come.. 

Tickets booked... mumu packed..off to the inaugural Mandorah Ukulele & Folk Festival at the end of June. Im really looking forward to being in Darwin again. The last time I ws there was almost 20 years ago. I loved it... What I remember most of all was the food..so good! A unique frontier city inhabited by what I remember as unique individuals.. Cant wait. Busy finishing some new songs and enjoying my beautiful baritone ukulele built for me by the gifted luthier Allen McFarlen of Barron River Guitars…Read more

California Dreamin' 

Well....ummm....maybe...hopefully...it would seem that...la la la la la......dum de dum...a little birdie whispered in my ear that if Im a very good girl (which is practically impossible when you have so many curls running amok in this dry autumnal climate) I just might get to join two very nice wickedly fabulous musical American compadres on a fun-filled summer roadtrip / tour of California next U.S summer...
It's so deliriously exciting I can barely breathe...
Oh... but I'm not s'posed to mention it yet…Read more

Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2012 

Just back from a fantastic weekend at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival.
We played at the Trade Unions Hall on Lygon St in Carlton.... old worn stone staircases, high high ceilings, paint peeling off the walls and a huge picture of Gough Whitlam just outside the ladies powder room with lipstick kisses all over it.
The line up was world class; jazz, comedy, folk, punk... a veritable feast of extraordinary musicianship and talent.
Bosko and Honey were sublime as ever...i nearly lost my voice screaming with…Read more

My New Baritone 

Here I am with my beautiful new baritone ukulele, custom made for me by Allen McFarlen of Barron River Guitars in Cairns.

Many months ago I sent out a message requesting to adopt a baritone ukulele (maybe someone had one sitting unloved and dusty in a corner somewhere). Allen responded to my request with an offer to custom make me one. As you can imagine, I was floored by his offer and his extraordinary generosity !

Allen said he would be driving down to visit his mate Michael Connors (another local…Read more

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